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Hey everyone! 

I must say, I'm not very good at updating this journal. XD I blame life and cosplay.

However, this is important!  I have opened up a StoreEnvy shop and I am liking it. I HAVE COSPLAY PRINTS! WHAT?! If there are any cosplays that are not here that you'd be interested in, let me know!

Although, the main reason I created it was to sell some new cosplay/costume accessories I have been working on. So far, the one item that is available is for Division fans!.  I'll say no more, please go take a peek!…:
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Holy shit, a journal entry! 

It's been terribly too long since I've updated on here and I am going to make the effort to change that!

Currently I am hard at work with a few new costumes, my main focus is a Hunter from Destiny which I hope to enter for the Anime North Masquerade. Some progress to share at the bottom of this post. Ottawa Comic Con is just a week away, which is where I will be debuting this cosplay so it's serious crunch time! I will also be Judge for the OCC masquerade. Following this event, 2 weeks later, is Anime North. VERY EXCITED! I will be judging once again on the Friday for their brand new Workmanship contest.

So I wanted to keep this short and sweet, but here's the solidified cosplans for these upcoming events:

:bulletpurple:OTTAWA COMICCON ~ Saturday - Destiny Hunter (tower version with Awoken makeup.)
                                                      ~ Sunday - Genderbend Dean Winchester from Supernatural

:bulletpurple:ANIME NORTH ~ Friday - Genderbend Hades from Disney's Hercules
                                            ~ Saturday - Finished Destiny Hunter
                                            ~ Sunday - Ifrit Ginjinka

Looking forward to seeing many of you at these events! Please don't hesitate to say hi! :heart:
 Also, what will you be wearing?!

Now as promised, cosprogress photos:

 photo 11070836_938132846217882_6470556329511090585_n_zpsry0gyaer.jpg
chest photo IMG_20150428_231819_zps5qcfe7ur.jpg
skull photo IMG_20150430_151159_zpsupj1vwdc.jpg
details photo IMG_20150430_151004_zps12ewskea.jpg

For more updates, the best place to follow is my Facebook page:…
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How should I celebrate??  :O
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Hey guys!

I did an interview a while back with Elite Cosplay. Please go take a look! Learn a bit about me, my goals as a cosplayer and how I started out, as well my 2 cents on Game of Thrones and X-men.

Big thank you to Elite Cosplay for featuring me!

You can read it here:…

Also, I am HYPED for Katsucon this weekend!! Here's my costume lineup:

:bulletpurple: Thursday Night: Kukuzilla Kigu
:bulletpurple: Friday - Katy Perry from ET video
:bulletpurple: Saturday Day - Miqo'te Bard from FF14
:bulletpurple: Saturday Night - Katy or Kukuzilla
:bulletpurple: Sunday - Haruko from FLCL or Closet cosplay Tank Girl

If you'll also be at Katsu, give me a shout. I hope to see you there! :D
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Hey everyone! I haven't done a journal entry in sooo long! XD

So many of you are new watchers, so first I'd like to thank you all for the support. Much love!

With that aside, I just wanted to let you all know that from now until January, I'm offering free shipping on my My Little Pony Elements of Harmony! I know many of you have shown interest in them so now is a perfect time to snag them!

Just follow this link:


MLP Harmony necklaces up for grabs!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 2:31 PM
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Hey MLP fans! A limited supply of Harmony necklaces is now up on my Etsy. Get them while they're hot!

More to be added this weekend and throughout the next few weeks. :)

If you would like to arrange for a certain one, please PM me and I will be more than happy to hold it for you! ^.^


Convention madness is over...for now!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 5:27 PM
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Wow, the last 2 weeks have been non-stop and crazy for me! Thankfully I've finally recovered with a good long day of much needed sleep! I had Katsucon last weekend, followed by Con-G this passed weekend. Both were an absolute BLAST! Here's a quick rundown of my highlights from both events:

:star:Katsucon 2013:star:

- Drove down with the-mirror-melts and zacloudseth, it was a long 10-12 hour trek, but in great company!
- Debut of my Forest Spirit! Spirit of the Forest by Kukuzilla Damn did it ever go over well! I am still overwhelmed by the amount of love it is getting, so thank you everyone!!  I'm so happy that people are enjoying it as much as I did to make it. :heart: You can see a wonderful scene with it in this video by MLZStudio:…
- Lots of hangouts with so many friends as well as making new friends! I had a huge fangirl moment when I got to spend an evening with two of my favourite cosplayers pixiekitty and FireLilyCosplay! Both amazing and super nice!
- Ergo Proxy photoshoot with alucardleashed and leveledup. Excited for the photos!
- Had an epic WoW group with dust-bunny and Flying-Fox. We got featured in 2 of the Katsucon fan videos! Watch them here:……
- A hardcore Canadian invasion! So glad many of my fellow Canadians had a great first time experience. We must pull more recruits for next year! ;)

:bulletpurple: Epic Photo collage from Katsu! Will add more as they get posted!
42- Kev7460 by solartempest Hope is Gone by SoulFirePhotography Light in the Darkness by Flying-Fox Fiora's Awakening by yayacosplay:thumb355522965: The Arena by YunaDaKilla queen of light - galadriel by klytae Symphonic Beauty by vickybunnyangel

:star:Con-G 2013:star:

- Attended as a Community Guest, doing panels and workshops. Thank you to everyone who attended them, I hope they were helpful. :D Another big thank you to everyone who approached me in the halls just to say hi or compliment my work. It means so much and it was a pleasure to meet you all! :hug:
- Entered the masquerade with vickybunnyangel The-Cosplay-Scion and Tricky Love. We did a Princess Mononoke skit and ended up winning Best in Class Master! It was an unexpected win for us, since we were totally in it for fun and to satisfy our love for the film. Video to show you all hopefully soon!
-  Epic dance party with epic people! I had such a great time! Also just hanging out and catching up with some many people was awesome. I love smaller cons for this reason!

Speaking of the con itself, it was their best year yet! They also announced that next year will likely be their last, which makes me sad, but I'm %100 behind them! Thank you to Con-G for 1. Be so awesome! 2. Having me as a guest 2 years in a row now. My best wishes and all my support and love go to you for next year, which I know will be the most epic year yet!

MLP necklaces and upcoming conventions

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 23, 2013, 10:46 PM
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I wanna start off by thanking all those who have been showing interest in my Element of Harmony necklaces. THANK YOU! So glad people are liking them and I promise I will get the others made and up for sale soon! However, working on them has unfortunately been put on hiatus for the next few weeks to prepare for my upcoming conventions appearances, but I do hope to whip some up in between events.


:bulletpurple: G-Anime ~ happening THIS WEEKEND in Gatineau, QC. I will be wearing Gilda, Applejack and debuting a new cosplay!

:bulletpurple: Katsucon ~ happening Feb. 15-17 in Washington, DC - My BIRTHDAY con! Costume plans are still pending, but will definitely be debuting my Winter Dragon, based off of the winning design from my contest!

:bulletpurple: Con-G ~ happening Feb 22-24 in Guelph, ON - I will be there as Cosplay Guest doing all sorts of panels and fun things.

I hope to see many of you at one of these events!


Don't forget to check out my Facebook page to see progress and other fun stuff:…

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Taking advantage of the free premium membership, here's a collage of some of my favourite creations by others from 2012. Thank you for your inspiration! :heart:

Princess Celestia 2 by neko-tin Welcome, Alice by xHee-Heex Granado Espada Wizard portrait by yayacosplay Meru III by Dessi-Desu Guild Wars 2 - Battle Stance by elliria LCP- Seth Standing with Staff 2 by shushuwafflez SCV - Fight! by sumyuna Thrall (Warcraft) Costume by gstqfashions Beautiful Warrior with a Sharp Tongue by EmmyLou Ryuk Cosplay by Tatter-Hood Yuuko @ Katsucon 2012 by alucardleashed D*C: Gala MLP Preview by burloire FFX Shoot 06 by xHylianKnightx Ha, me? Fight you? Do you like pain? by MadameSkunk Cutie Mark Crusaders by JiaJem

Mature Content

Outlaw. by KasuzameYuu
Bosh'tet by Nebulaluben Nosferatu by GallaGadget time to fight by Glay:thumb333344022:

Glitter and Skulls by EmpressofSquee Autumn Head Piece by Arexandria Winged Imp by RKEM Tribal Portrait IV by Genevieve-Amelia Snow queen bodypaint comp swing sword warrior by Bodypaintingbycatdot Datura by Qarrezel Werewolf by WormsandBones
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"Design Kuku's Winter Dragon Costume"

I've always found myself better at creating costumes based off of existing designs, so I want to get you guys involved and see what kind of design you can come up with, by creating a belly dancer outfit to go with my previously created headdress!

I've given several shots of it for you to use for your design, as well as some of the fabrics I have and the wig I'd like to use.



- Draw out your design and post it on my Facebook wall… when you're done. Make sure it says "Winter Dragon" in your post.
- Also make sure you like my page and tag me in your post!…


- A bellydance themed outfit, but feel free to go wild with your imagination!
- Use elements from the headdress so that the design is cohesive.
- Submit by January 15th, 2013.


I will choose a winner based on my favourite design, if I have a hard time choosing, I will get you guys to vote on the final design. Winning design will get a FREE CUSTOM PAIR OF HORNS like the ones on the headdress and I will MAKE THE DESIGN AND WEAR IT, with full credit to the artist!

Feel free to spread this on to anyone you think would be interested!

Once again, deadline is Saturday, January 15th, Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!
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Hey everyone! A special big hello to all my new watchers as well! :wave:

I was thrilled to receive a DD a few days ago. :headbang: It was certainly overwhelming with the flood of comments and favs so THANK YOU to everyone who did so! :heart:

I am also going to plan something special for my 1000 watchers to celebrate. I'm thinking a giveaway of some kind, but once I know for sure, you guys will be the first to know!

Thank you again, to everyone, for all your support and also to pullingcandy for the DD.

Much love! :hug:
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Hey guys! :wave: Long time no updates! Like, waaaay long. XD I figured I'd give a quick fill in on what's been happening.

First I have to send out a warm welcome and thank you to all my new watchers. I'm very grateful for your support! I'm less than 50 away from 1000 watchers, which I think will call for something special when it happens. I'm thinking a giveaway of some sort, but that could change. Any suggestions?

Not much to update on, things have been fairly hectic nonstop with conventions and other events. The last few months have gone by in a blur for the most part. Last convention was Fan Expo, which was just AMAZING! I can say for sure that it was one of the best Fan Expos I've been to. I won an award for my Daenerys, plus got to sit on the Iron Throne:… I got to meet Death from Supernatural, and bow before Thrall, the true leader of the Horde (okay he was made of Lego but he was life size so it counts)!

Since then I have been pretty inactive on the cosplays, and only managed to pull together some simple ones for photo shoots (Applejack) and Halloween (Two-Face). Most of my time has been spent on commissions for the Halloween rush, hoping to have some photos of them up soon for you guys. :) I need to get my butt in gear and start my complex cosplay projects while I still have several months to build them. There's a few projects on my mind, but I need to settle on one and just get started! Costumes I'm planning:

:bulletpurple:Diablo 3 Witchdoctor armor:… Slow progress has started on this one, I just need to keep on it!

:bulletpurple:Guild Wars 2 Necromancer armor:… This one turns me on so much, I need to make it!

:bulletpurple:TERA Castanic armor:… My tag team project with the-mirror-melts

That's pretty much it, I'm itching for another convention but I have to wait now until February! Hoping I don't go crazy before then! Since I don't update here as often as I used to, you can keep up with my happenings and costume progress on my Facebook page:…

Til next time, much love to you all! :heart:

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I just wanted to get my opinion out here about this whole thing going on with Facebook deleting personal accounts with the title "Cosplay" in them. A lot of people are getting pent up about it, but in my honest opinion, I think it's better this way. This is why they allow us to make Fan pages!

Pros of a Fan page:
- You can manage it right from your personal account, and you can have as many as you want.
- Nothing stops you from 'friending' the people who like your page, however it gives you the option to also keep your personal account more private.
- You can still interact with people that like your page, and if you friend them, they can tag your page in photos, etc.
- Prevents the risk of stalkers! Yay!
- Facebook does also now allow you to display a nickname next to your actual name.
- No logging in and out all the time!

Easy peasy!!

On top of this, if our cosplay alias is supposed to be an extension of ourselves, why go for a totally separate account? So please guys, seriously, stop making the world think we all have an identity crisis.


Krystal <3

Cons coming up: ConBravo! Otakuthon

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 5:01 PM
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Hey peeps! Figured I needed a little update here. ^.^''

Been keeping very busy as usual (although work is taking up most of my time T.T). I'm trying my damned hardest to get two new costumes together for the upcoming month of cons. One is a Daenerys outfit from Game of Thrones and the other is a Diablo 3 Witch Doctor armor set. If you want to keep tabs on my progress, get on my Facebook page!………

First con up is Conbravo! next weekend where I am honored to be returning Cosplay Guest. LOTS of panels will be taking up my time, but I will also be helping promote a great new independent tabletop game created by a good friend of mine. It's called The Hunt RPG and it's terrifyingly fun! You can check it out here:

The weekend following that is Otakuthon in Montreal. Hyped to be there with Steampixie as well as just seeing everyone again!

That's all I've got for now. XD

Laterz! <3

CosplayGen #5 Collaboration :D

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2012, 5:54 PM
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A while back I wrote an article for :iconcosplay-gen: on "BLAME!' cosplay. I'm honored to have been a part of this beautiful book, and thrilled to be representing obscure cosplay!

Check it out below!

CosplayGen #5 BLAME! Article by Kukuzilla

Ottawa ComicCon and Anime North

Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2012, 5:21 PM
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Oh the madness! I feel like I've been running a marathon the last 2 months! :faint:

2 weeks ago was the very first Ottawa Comic Con. I was invited as Cosplay Guest and had a Steampixie booth with my partner Silverfaune. The turnout for a first-year convention was absolutely mind-blowing! A thrill to see geekdom alive in my hometown. We did spectacular sales in the booth (we are drastically trying to make up for now) and I also had a blast running a panel and judging the Masquerade with the-mirror-melts. We  dodged flying Gambit cards and cardboard axeheads! :D

It doesn't stop there of course, for the grand Anime North is coming up this weekend! Due to some minor health issues, things weren't as productive as they should have been, but I'm keeping the caffeine and pain-killers on full force right til the end! XD No new big costume plans unfortunately, but it is giving me the chance to enter an older costume I never got to compete with. Cosplay plans for the weekend are:

Friday - Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM
Saturday - Hikaru from MKRayearth for the Masquerade
Sunday - Gilda the Griffon from MLP:FiM

I'll also be on some panels on Sunday:

Cosplay & Self Esteem at 11AM
Props & Armor at 1PM

The rest of the weekend you'll most likely find me at the Steampixie booth.

Hope everyone going has an amazing time, and hope to see you there! ^.^

As soon as it's over, I SLEEP!

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, things are just completely non-stop! Too many things going on and not enough time to  stay on top of them all. I'll be keeping up with deviations for sure, just probably not much in journals anymore. >.< I've totally given up on writing con reports as I'm sure you've noticed. :P

I wanna send a big THANKS out to my new watchers, I usually send a personal shout-out but no time anymore! :hug::blowkiss:

Update wise, I promise big things are coming from all this madness, BIG THINGS!

Until then, if you want to keep tabs on what I've been doing, I do regular smaller updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages including progress pics, so I encourage you to head there!


Stay awesome everyone!! :heart:

Hai there, 2012!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 1:55 PM
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Wow guys, I owe you all a big belated HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope all your celebrating was exciting and adventurous! :party:

I have been keeping quite busy preparing new costumes and new Steampixie products for a line of conventions happening in the next few months, the first one being G-Anime, which is less than a week away! I'll be there as a Cosplay Guest and running several English panels/workshops:

Cosplay Armor & Props - Friday 5pm
Masquerade Tips & Tricks - Friday 6pm
Cosplay Make-up - Saturday 4pm

When I'm not at events you'll be able to catch me at my Steampixie table in Artist Alley. Costumes I'll be wearing:

~ Rocket from SuckerPunch
~ Tacarra, my original Gargoyle design (New pics soon yay!)
~ Steampixie, my original Fairy design

If you'll be there, hope you have a great time and hope to see you! ^.^

Aside from that, here's a peek a what to expect for cosplays from me this year:


Also, if you'd like to keep up on my progress of costumes and such, please like my Facebook page!…

In on the tagging fun!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 3:57 PM
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Tagged by the lovely :iconpaxingcai: :D

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 Things About Me

1. I love dancing, it keeps me sane.
2. I never wear skirts except for cosplay.
3. I have two younger brothers.
4. I am part Mi'kmaq native (and wear my mohawk with pride.)
5. I go to a vampire LARP every two weeks.
6. I hate Twilight.
7. I dropped out of College.
8. Many find me 'hard to read' cause I'm not very good at expressing myself.
9. I rage whenever bad art of any form gets spotlight (so all the time.) *Is angry person*
10. I'm very forgetful.
11. I want a DD for Christmas. :P

Questions PaXingCai asked me:

1. Current Desktop Background? - World of Warcraft troll leader Vol'jin
2. Favorite thing to collect? :bulletpurple: Masquerade ribbons :P and Artwork from under-appreciated artists
3. Favorite ride at amusement parks? :bulletpurple: The scariest/fastest rollercoasters!
4. If you could be any anime/game character who would it be? :bulletpurple: Meru from Legend of Dragoon
5. Current thing on your desk that would be the best zombie weapon? :bulletpurple: An iron.
6. Most recent injury? :bulletpurple: Probably a hot glue burn.
7. Song you've listened to the most? :bulletpurple: 'This Shit Will Fuck You Up' by Combichrist
8. Favorite messenger? :bulletpurple: MSN
9. Hard or soft mattress? :bulletpurple: Soft!
10. Favorite photographer? :bulletpurple: Samauth
11. Favorite Convention? :bulletpurple: Ad Astra

Questions for the people I'm tagging:

1. Your biggest pet peeve?
2. Salty or sweet snacks?
3. Favourite genre of music?
4. Favourite kid show you grew up with?
5. A celebrity that shouldn't be a celebrity?
6. Favourite Convention? (had to steal it!)
7. Your most prized possession?
8. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
9. One thing the world could do without?
10. Favourite video game?
11. Do you believe in fairies?

The people I'm tagging cause they are awesome, but I know very little about:
:iconangelcostumes::iconcreativegoth18::icondust-bunny::iconemmylou::iconmbielaczyc::iconlividdoll::iconmeteorie::icongebgeb::iconvilya0::iconvamp-elanor::iconfedericadn: GO!

October Feature - Faces on Parade: Mask-makers!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 9:53 PM
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Halloween is that time of year when nearly everyone puts on a mask or some sort, metaphorically speaking in some cases, and can totally get away with it! Then of course there's those of use that are actually taking the masks off. ;)

So I've taken this perfect opportunity to showcase some beautiful mask workers! Hopefully they can inspire some of you with costume ideas if you haven't figured them out yet! :D

:iconsilverfaune: My uber-talented business partner! All things fairy and fantasy!
Dryad or Treant Leather Mask by Silverfaune Forest Lord Leather Mask by Silverfaune Celestial Butterfly by Silverfaune Amethyst Dragon by Silverfaune Clockwork Steampunk Domino by Silverfaune

:iconepic-leather: These definitely have just the right 'creep factor'!
Leather Spliced Bunny Twins by Epic-Leather Akuma Zombie Leather Mask by Epic-Leather Haunted Tree Ent- Onyx Flame by Epic-Leather Steampunk Doctor Who Cybermen by Epic-Leather Commission: Horned One Mask 3 by Epic-Leather

:iconqarrezel: Incredibly realistic animal styles!
Coppery Cat Mask by Qarrezel Necryn by Qarrezel The Spirit of the Forest by Qarrezel Doom Staff - detail by Qarrezel Adzion by Qarrezel

:iconalyssa-ravenwood: Colourful and theatrical!
Mardi Gras Greenman by Alyssa-Ravenwood Jaguar Cat Mask by Alyssa-Ravenwood Greek Herald Comedy Mask by Alyssa-Ravenwood Dragon - leather mask by Alyssa-Ravenwood Circus Star - leather mask by Alyssa-Ravenwood

:iconsilvercicada: Great masquerade styles, perfect Halloween feel!
Medusa mask by SilverCicada Wire mas for beltane ball by SilverCicada Beltane crown and mask by SilverCicada Anubis mask by SilverCicada pink and black mardigras wip2 by SilverCicada

:iconnamingway: Amazing details and very mythical!
Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask by Namingway Autumn Green Man Mask by Namingway Water Dragon Mask by Namingway Celtic Horse Mask by Namingway Armored Face Mask with Horns by Namingway

Hope you've enjoyed! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!